Ambitious New Goals

Hello all you fabulous wonderful people. I am delighted to be blogging about the fact that we managed to smash through my original crowd funding target of £3,500 on Thursday!! Thank you all so much. The support has been incredible and I really feel that everyone is behind me in embarking on this new adventure. It’s an amazing feeling.


While I get to grips with the reality of moving to London and the logistical nightmare that it may be, there are still 10 days left of the campaign. I’m setting an ambitious stretch goal of £6,500 which would enable me to pay the first full years tuition fees in September. Imagine that. Getting it paid in September and not having to worry about it for the first year would allow me to focus more on the important part of going to the Royal College, the studies, and not have to worry about continually fundraising to pay fees. I realise it’s an ambitious ask to raise this amount in 10 days but hey, we are almost at £4000 already so anything’s possible. Please do keep sharing within your networks. New perks are being added all the time. Most recently Islay Spalding donated a couple of items of her amazing work. Check them out below.

Islay Spalding Oddgon studs1Islay and LouiseManPin

I’ll be spending this week in a frenzy of getting commissions finished and starting to get organised. I’ll also be writing a new press release in the hope to get a bit of extra campaign buzz before it ends in 10 days time so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thanks so much again for all you have done so far. You guys put the crowd in crowdfunding.

Speak to you soon.


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