Bring Back the Dead – The exhibition

Bring Back the Dead is my first exhibition as Anomaly.  It was almost entirely organised by myself. And what a feat. It was hard work and I have to say a massive thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to setup the exhibition or serve drinks and take photos. You were all amazing. I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself the last few months to get it all right and to make it a show that really shows my skills and ideas at their very best.

Bring Back the Dead 18

I have to say the response has been phenomenal. The exhibition has been described as innovative, inspired and avant garde ! It is just a shame that it had to be so short. I do plan to get a catalogue made though and have some excellent photo’s from the photographer, Julie Huggan.

There is a great blog about it from The Justified Sinner which will also be on the Young Brittish Jewellers website soon.

Bring Back the Dead 7Bring Back the Dead 8

I am so pleased with how the show went and am really excited for the future of Anomaly. I wonder what “inspired” ideas I can come up with next.



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