Update City – April 13

What happened in April? Good Question. When I first think of April nothing huge sticks out. Its almost as if March blurred straight into May. But, I’ve looked at my Google calendar (I’d be lost without it) and apparently quite a lot of stuff went on.  See for yourself in the image below.calendar

April was the start of a beautiful friendship between myself and a jeweller in Brighton called Hannah May Chapman. She has some great ideas on promoting contemporary art jewellery and since April we have been working collaboratively on a very exciting project that I won’t say too much about at the moment. I’m sure you will find out sooner or later. For now here is an example of Hannah’s great and very unusual work.

Hannah May Chapman – ‘Haliomma’ – large brooch in Neon Green, Yellow & Orange/Pink

Zimming through April myself and some friends/colleagues within community arts put together a proposal for the Wonder Room Exhibition at the Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington. We haven’t heard anything back so I can only assume it was unsuccessful but we had fun cooking each other dinner and putting it all together. Here is a wee insight just for you. It was the introduction to our proposal.

Welcome to our Wonder Room, a place of madness, mystery and manifestations. Take a stroll through your unconscious thoughts and leave behind a memento of your feelings.

Meander through your night-time mind parodies and find out just how scary, creepy, colourful, exciting and broken they are. Your disjointed dreams are our inspiration for this Wonder Room!

The real version is here.Welcome to our Wonder Room

It would have been a great excuse for us all to collaborate with people from different specialisms and backgrounds outwith our current work with under 5’s but maybe we will put something together of our own inception instead. Who knows…

Obviously no month this year would be complete without its very own trip abroad. So towards the middle of April myself and one of my best friends headed to Stockholm. What a cool place!! The weather was beautiful and the city is beautiful and the people are beautiful. Basically Stockholm is just beauty in its very essence. Whilst in Stockholm we strolled, we ate, we drank and generally had one of those mega chilled holidays where you meander through the weekend. It was great. We had the added benefit of a friend of my friend having lived there for 3 years so he took us out on the Saturday night and showed us some super cool bars. There was one where the entire underground was a massive games room. Table tennis, darts, bowls, pool, table football, everything you could possibly want. I didn’t take any pictures in this bar as I didn’t want to ruin any cool points I may have gained just by being there. Here are some pictures from Stockholm.

This guard is clearly happy in his work
This guard is clearly happy in his work
The tiniest van with my tallest friend.
The tiniest van with my tallest friend.
Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan
Watery Stockholm
Watery Stockholm

And for the rest of April? Who knows. All I can say is that I must have been working really really hard. There were several things I was going to do but didn’t so May has been a bit of a catch up month. I’m getting there though….slowly but surely.


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