Update City – March 13

The last time I gave you an update on what Ive been up to. A real update rather than just posting something Ive been featured on was February. So lets take a walk through update city and see whats happened over the last few months. They’ve been quick months so as you read this pretend your sitting in a stereotypical fast car (a red one) with the windows open and the music blaring and you will have a small insight as to how the last few months have felt.

March was Barcelona and Munich consecutively. Both were excellent in their own ways. In Barcelona we ate amazing food, saw amazing art and Architecture, stayed in the best hostel Ive ever been in (Seriously this place was more boutique hotel than hostel but with hostel prices – Casa Gracia) went to the slightly underwhelming beach and sat in the poshest bar Ive ever been to and drank a cocktail…just one. The weather was amazing and it was great to enjoy such a beaitufl city with friends. Here is a nice wee self photo at the top of the Casa Battlo.

self photoDirectly from there, having had about 4 hours sleep and an expensive cocktail the night before I wandered along to the tube station to get back to the Airport and fly to Munich. I got to the tube station before it was open and had to wait for about half an hour in a street in the dark on my own while party goers walked home all around me. It was not ideal.

So Eventually after a super efficient flight from Barcelona to Germany I arrived in Munich. Munich was not sunny. But it was definetly full of art, and all in the jewellery form. I dropped my stuff off at the hostel, had a shower and went out with a map and the hope that I wouldnt need to use it. For the following 3 days I  visited galleries and exhibitions all with the theme of Schmuck. It was brilliant. I saw some amazing exhibitions. My favourites were The Handshake Project, Suspend.ed in Pink, The Aftermath of Art Jewellery and The Lunatic Swing. I did also fit in a quick meet up with a friend. He took me to his bible group where they discussed a passage entirely in German and giggled and looked sympathetically at me as I wondered why we were there. Afterwards we ate pizza. I was a lot more comfortable with this. Heres a couple of images from Suspended in Pink and the Lunatic Swing. The reason I liked them was their well thought out and excecuted display as well as the beautiful, creative and varied work on show.

IMG_20130312_185639 IMG_20130312_185535

Suspend.ed in Pink

IMG_20130312_174723 IMG_20130312_175122

The Lunatic Swing

Once back from Munich I began to set about doing the first focus group for Anomaly. It went very well and there are a few new projects in the pipeline on that front so keep following on twitter, facebook and the blog and you will be the first to know about all the exciting things that Anomaly will do for contemporary art jewelley in Scotland and Britain.

The rest of March was filled with meetings. All very exciting and worthwhile meetings but meetings all the same. I started officially mentoring through Venture Scotland, attended my first Applied Arts Scotland away day and planned and submitted an application to the Geek in Residence programme on their behalf.  Our Geek application was unsuccessful but it was great to be a part of putting it all together and in doing so put something into action in my new role as one of the directors.

During March I also started meeting with my newest German friend and we began to put together some ideas for an exciting project for young people and we are still working on this. Sandra is a friend of a work colleagues and we originally got together as she has just moved to Edinburgh and looking for help finding work and I want to go and work in Berlin, which is where she is from. We get on really well and I have no doubt that we will help each other in our careers and be valuable contacts and friends.

Many other things happened but as with any whirlwind there are things that stand out more than others. These are those things. April’s update will be coming soon (hopefully). Chasing my tail is not a feeling I am a fan of. I dont even have a tail!



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