2012 the highlights

So 2012 is well and truly in the past and what a year it was. In January last year I was working full time in a job I didnt enjoy, working for managers I didnt get on with and working almost every evening (either paid or voluntary) doing work that I much preferred. In February redundancies were being made and I went for it. I had known they were coming and had been mulling it over for quite some time. I had calculated the risks and subsequently ignored them and did what I wanted anyways. Brave or foolish, I still havnt decided.  As with any review of anything ever, there were highs and lows, but luckily enjoying my work carries more clout than the impending doom of the freelance bill paying crisis. (This one is definetly foolish)

What happened next?? Well I started emailing people and asking for jobs immediately. The heady buzz of having taken such a huge risk gave me the optimism to apply for several jobs I had absolutely no chance of getting. I had nowhere near enough experience for most of them but did have the self beleif that I was more than capable of doing the job. Over confident little upstart or what? In hindsight I now understand much more why I sometimes dont get on with managers and bosses.

I was also in the midst of organising the second big ACJ Edinburgh exhibition Eccentri:city. It was a much more conceptual exhibition this time, featuring collaborations between jewellers and very different approach to display. Both of which paid off and it was a truly successful venture for all involved.

In July I moved into a shared workshop again. This has been amazing. Working at home often gave me and still gives me cabin fever so being around creative people and having amazing facilities at my fingertips is definetly helping my jewellery to progress.

In September I was awarded a proffessional developent grant from Creative Scotland and this has also helped my jewellery designs to progress and develop.  In December I did a course at the Alchimia Jewellery School as a part of this and  it has undoubtedly given me several new skills and techniques to diversify any new designs I have in mind.

Throughout the year I have been working for Muirhouse Youth Development Group, Edinburgh City Council, Concrete Wardrobe and North Edinburgh Arts and can honestly say that I gain something from each of them. (and I dont mean money). My confidence and skills in delivering workshops and creative activities to young people, small children and adults has, at the very least, doubled. It is however a constant balancing act, which can be difficult at times but it does make you appreciate how precious time off can be, and naturally I pack as much in as possible. Everything from surfing lessons to wine and cheese parties.

So  on that note. I leave you with one of my new favourite places. North Berwick beach.



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