Im not doing very well at keeping you all in the loop at what Ive been up to, sorry chaps. This post is a small effort to try and fill you in some stuff.

In October I visited Norway for the first time. Oslo to be precise. Its a pretty cool city full of art and culture, which was good because it rained the whole time. I met up with the lovely people at Norwegian Crafts magazine who were really friendly, hospitable and informative. They took the time to show me Norways leading contemporary craft gallery, FORMAT, and give me recommendations on where else to go. They were awesome.

One of my favourite things about Norway was the street art. These are two of my favourite pictures.


Oslo also has alot of statues. I mean hundreds!! On our first full day we went to the Vigelands Sculpture Park which was awesome. The whole park was designed by Gustav Vigeland a Norwegian Sculptor who was so well thought of that after the city demolished his home and a bit of a dispute they gave him a house and studio from which to work. In return Vigeland promised to donate to the city all his subsequent works, including sculptures, drawings, engravings and models. Imagine if Edinburgh City Council gave me a studio and house from which to create work for them……Actually Im not sure I’d want that. Below are some pictures of some Vigeland Sculptures from the Vigelandsparken.



Well, thats me updated you untill the middle of October. I found Oslo very inspiring and cant wait to visit more of Norway in the summer, you know, see some fjords and amazing scenery.  Whats next ? well I have been making some new jewellery so you have that to look forward to and this weekend I will be in Florence studying at the Alchimia Jewellery School so look out for some pictures of the Ponte Vecchio!


One thought on “Recap

  1. I loved Florence Joanne, was only there for half a day, lots of history, architecture etc catch up soon. luv Aunty Anne xxx

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