Last month I attended the Inform Outform Symposium organised by the Incorporation of Goldsmiths and Edinburgh University. The Venue was the Edinburgh Universities Playfair Library Hall, which was amazing, and the line up of speakers was equally as interesting and informative.

Imagine this room with a screen at the far end and 2 rows of jewellers either side.

The two highlights of the day were Leo Caballero from Klimt O2 and Kate Pickering from Vanilla Ink. Leo spoke about Klimt 02 and gave some valuable insights and information into why it exists and Kate talked to us about social media and gave us some very useful tips for using it.

Some quotes I thought were particularly valuable are , “Visibility is key, if you do not see it it doesnt exist”, This one is from LeoIt may seem fairly obvious but its so true. It doesnt matter what you do in life if people dont know about it how can they choose you or your product. In a world where the competition is as wide and varied as it is, its even more important to make yourself known to people. And thats wether its the general public or someone influential in the field you work in.

This one from Kate was also very relevant “Branding is everything, from the people you talk to, to the way you talk”. For me this one means everything from, if you want to be taken as a proffesional, act proffessionally,  to ,  if you want your jewellery to be seen as innovative and creative, be a creative and innovative person, act creative and innovative, embody it if you like.

At the end of the presentation Leo showed this video. I loved it and felt that it really captured what they are about and who they aim to promote, as well as being quite entertaining. Take a look and see for yourself.


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