Polymorphs are Go!!

One of the courses I have been doing as part of my proffessional development year is in using plastics and biomorphs for Jewellery. It is with the lovely Caroline Smith who is a specialist in plastic and jewellery from recycled materials. On Monday nights a small group of us assembles at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts  and play with plastics.

We have been introduced to a range of different moulding, dyeing and cutting plastics techniques and so far I am loving it. My favourite thing is working with Polymorph plastic, which is a biodegradable plastic with a low melting point. Heat it gently and it can be moulded into some very exciting forms. It is a very instant material to use and can be a bit clumsy so I reckon the challenge will be getting it to a highly finished proffessional jewellery stage. As far as experiments go though Im getting some pretty exciting stuff. Have a look and see for yourself.

The best bit…..because they  kind of look like sea creatures Caroline recommends I go to the beach for some research and development. I LOVE THE BEACH!! (ps. Sorry about the dodgy flash ended photos.)


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