Year of Creative Jo

So as most of you will know I was recently awarded some Proffessional Development Funding from Creative Scotland. This is amazing news and in this the year of Creative Scotland I will be able to begin my own year of Creative Jo. ( See what I did there?)

So in order to make the most of this year and get absolutely the most out of it I have split it into 5 blocks. Each block will focus on a different theme and on developing a particular skill. Well. thats if it all goes to plan. But to give you an idea, here are the short briefs I have given myself.

New Old

Re –Invent Re-invest and Re- make. Using old and vintage objects make old stuff new again. Experiment with setting techniques and be creative about the way in which you approach the objects.


Research colour, create a sketchbook of colour and be inspired by the colours you love. Look at materials, objects and techniques to make work where the main focus is its colour.


Make marks, make lines, go linear.


How does someone’s memory affect the preciousness of a piece of jewellery and does changing it change the feeling about the memory? How do you see it?

 Collect and Collaborate

Using each of the 4 previous topics create work using aspects from each.

So with that in mind, I have 1 year, and 5 themes so let the creative experimentation commence…

So far I have been looking at found objects and practising stone setting with buttins. Heres some I made earlier..


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