Up Up and….away?

So I did write a really amazing blog post on Friday night and took quite a while over it but wordpress decided to only post bits of it and in the end I needed to delete the whole thing. Soooooo much has been happening since I last blogged, the Eccentri:city exhibition has been and gone,I co-ordinated 2 weeks of the Summer Porgramme at North Edinburgh Arts and had a fantastic week working at and participating in European Youth Week 2012 in Munich. I now love Munich and really want to move to Europe.

So whats next you might ask? Well I have just been awarded some Proffessional Development Funding from Creative Scotland to develop a new range of jewellery. Woop Woop. So finally (hopefully) I will have time to work on my practice as a proffessional jeweller.

Oh and I have also gained a few more hours as a freelance support artist at North Edinburgh Arts, am developing my role within their Create project and have a new role supervising this years European Voluntary Service volunteer with MYDG. Its all happening folks so keep yer eyes peeled for the continuous thrills and spills of someone on their way up (thats me).

By the way I bought a bike last week and it is my new best friend!!


One thought on “Up Up and….away?

  1. Luv hearing about everything your up to Joanne, life seems to be on the up and up absolutely brilliant. Luv Aunty Anne xxx

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