A tale of 1 city with 1 badass jewellery exhibition!!

Its all happening. I mean all of it!! all at the same time!! This is how I was going to start the last blog post, but later decided on something a bit subdued. But that is how it has felt the last couple of weeks.

Last Friday the 13th of July 2012 was the opening night of the second amazing exhibition by ACJ Edinburgh, Eccentri:city. And what an opening it was. It was so busy we ran out of booze!! twice!! Anyways Im still feeling pretty nackered and lazy so this is a blog post which comprises of links to all the amazing articles and press we have had recently about the exhibition. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Please click on the images and the articles will appear (like magic).

                                                    Ion Online

   Ion Magazine

Klimt 02

Number 9 in The Skinny’s top 10 Events

Vanilla Ink Blog

STV Local

Broughton Spurtle

Broughton Spurtle again

Craft Scotland

I think thats them all but if I remember any more I will post them later, And can you believe we only paid for one of them??!!


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