Thought I best keep you updated on a few of the things I have been working on recently. For 4 weeks I was involved in the Tinderbox Orchestra and Hidden Door collaborative project for the Dalai Lamas visit. Our Arts cool group cut out painted and sprayed letters which were then photographed in Muirhouse and used as part of a video to be shown whilst the Tinderbox Orchestra and G-code ( Another MYDG, Edinburgh mela and NEA project) performed their music and song. The video and song are called The Colours of Conflict and the phrase at the Queens Hall says “I Hate Everyone But You.” Below are some (not great) images I took. I went to the performance at the Queens Hall last night and it really was captivating. The conjunction of the orchestra plus the James gillespie choir alongside bands such as Broken Records, North Atlantic Oscillation with the addition of some amazing animation created an audio visual treat.




One thought on “Conflict

  1. sounds like you’re getting involved in lost of really exciting stuff Joanne luv it
    aunty Anne xxxxx

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