Pre Munich

Im going to Munich this month for a training/ planning weekend before taking a group of 18 year olds over to European Youth Week. Its quite exciting stuff as Ive never been to Germany let alone been in charge of a trip before. There will be groupds from Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain. I didnt watch Eurovision but I imagine that this is most of the countries involved. Did I mention Im not having to pay for anything?? Except maybe travel insurance but I’ll get that for a tenner from the post office so no biggy.

Ive been looking at google images alot tonight and as it turns out its not actually Munich that we are going to its Rosenheim which is only 50km out  so not far to go at all if we fancy a wee trip into Munich. Here is the Wikipedia description of Rosenheim

The independent city of Rosenheim is located in the centre of the district of Rosenheim (Upper Bavaria), and is also the seat of administration of this region. It is located on the west bank of the Inn at the confluence of the rivers Inn and Mangfall, in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland. It is the third largest city in Upper Bavaria with over 61,000 inhabitants and one of 23 administrative centres in Bavaria. Rosenheim is therefore the economic centre and the busiest place in the region.”

And anywhere with buildings that are brightly coloured with funny shapes on top is a winner with me.


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