Our Fathers Garden

This post is a bit out of the ordinary for me but Id like to pay tribute to my Grandpa. He died peacefully in his sleep last week and we had the funeral today. With 7 great grandchildren, 15 grandchildren, 6 children and their spouses, and a loving wife, my grandma he was quite literally at the head of our family. Things I remember most about him were is love of gardening, fine whiskey and chocolate, his sense of humour, the fact that he was always at the forefront of technological advances  (even if he wasnt sure how to work it) and his innate ability and love of taking photos of people when they were not looking. Oh and all the curling open days and family bonspiels we had to go to no matter how rubbish we were.

My Auntie Anne read this poem out today and I think it sums him up perfectly.

Our Father kept a garden.

A garden of the heart;

He planted all the good things,

That gave our lives their start.

He turned us to the sunshine,

 And encouraged us to dream:

Fostering and nurturing

The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rain came,

He protected us enough;

But not too much because he knew

We would stand up strong and tough.

His constant good example,

Always taught us right from wrong;

 Markers for our pathway

 that will last a lifetime long.

We are our Fathers garden,

We are his legacy.

Thank you Dad we love you.

Here is an old picture of my family. I am standing with my grandpa.

“How do you make a sausage Roll? Push it down a hill,” John Hope Nielson 6/12/1927 – 19/05/2012


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