Free Radicals

Recently Ive been reading alot of articles on the 99% website. Its an online resource that offers advice and tips on how to make a success of yourself and your business in todays world. Its ethos is that of Thomas Edison “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

This recent article about Free Radicals I found particularly interesting. Written by Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance and author of Making Ideas Happen, it offers an insight into principals of a person who may be deemed as a Free Radical. Free Radicals, he says, are a new type of 21st century proffesional that take their careers into their own hands and put the world to work for them. (If youve ever met me you will instantly understand why I like this). Here are a few exerts from the article just to give you a flavour for it.

“We are the Free Radicals? A Manifesto.

We do work that is, first and foremost, intrinsically rewarding. But, when we make an impact, we expect extrinsic validation: We don’t create solely for ourselves, we want to make a real and lasting impact in the world around us.

We expect to be fully utilized and constantly optimized, regardless of whether we’re working in a startup or a large organization. When our contributions and learning plateau, we leave. But when we’re leveraging a large company’s resources to make an impact in something we care about, we are thrilled! We want to always be doing our best work and making the greatest impact we can.
In the past, those with Free Radical tendencies were described as either “freelancers,” if they worked alone, or “mavericks,” if they worked in an organization. The stereotype was that of a lone ranger that shuns responsibility. Today, Free Radicals are emerging as extremely capable leaders across industries. Sure, they’re authoring their own professional lives with great authority, but they are doing so with a deep appreciation for collaboration and shared resources.”
This is just a taster of one article, but the website is full of great tips and ideas which are well layed out and easy to read. For anyone who is interested in business I would highly recommend this website.

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