Not Tiffanys yet…

“Hows the jewellery going?? Well  Im not Tiffanys yet if thats what you mean?” (I do love the film though, and the song for that matter)

The truth is I wouldnt want to be, but hopefully you get the sarcastic drift Im going for with this anecdote.

People ask me this alot and Ive never had a great answer, mostly because Ive never sold LOADS of jewellery. Just bits and peices here and there. At points I have really gone for it but without proper research. At other points I have lacked motivation and at others Ive just been too busy developing other areas of my career. (Community Arts, Teaching, Project co-ordination).

So Plan for this year,

– To build up on freelance work and become fully self employed. This will give me the time and hopefully the money to explore and experiment with new materials in order to develop some new jewellery. Below is a hint at what I will be aiming for in my new designs. You might not see anything conclusive for a while but I will keep you updated on my experimentations so watch this space.

 “I want the price to relate more to the durability of the jewellery, without compromising on the creativity.”

Just a wee short post tonight to keep you in the loop. Stay classy San Diego.


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